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About Us

Mekatrice International Limited is an independent limited liability company, established in Nigeria for over 8 years ago. Mekatrice is the sole representative of various overseas companies in the fields of IT, Telecommunications, Building Engineer, Health Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. However, being an independent company, Mekatrice offers to our clients the best goods and services of any parent company or equipment manufacturer. Unlike some of our competitors, Mekatrice can therefore offer turnkey solutions, without prejudice, to meet almost any of our customer specifications.

We differentiate ourselves in the Nigerian business marketplace by providing outstanding services, innovation and industry standard products and leadership to our clients, whom are from diverse industries, such as Oil and Gas, Medical, Information Communications Technology, Banking, Leisure and Tourism, construction etc. Our candid collaboration with our clients is instrumental to our success in cultivating and maintaining long-term business relationships.

Our Subsidiaries

We deal on the sectors of business that help in solving the basic problems especially in our society.

Dr. Kingsley Oboti

Managing Director and President

Dr. Kingsley Emeka oboti is the senior pastor of Transformation Christain Center Worldwide, a word based and family church headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a teacher of the word with strong believe in the transformation of little things to greatness and operates with sensational healing anointing. Dr. Kingsley Oboti is also the Group Managing Director and president of Mekatrice Group of companies.

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Code of Conduct

Mekatrice International Limited is committed to providing high-quality professional services and to conducting business ethically and with integrity. We have earned a reputation as an honest and ethical organization by setting and meeting consistently high standards with clients, employees, suppliers and shareholders. Our solid company reputation for integrity is the result of our policy of strict compliance with law and the sum of the ethical decisions of the men and women of MEKATRICE. It is their hard work and diligence that engenders successful long-term relationships, open communication, a strong sense of the company “family” and a world-class work environment. In short, our company commitment to integrity is one of the core values that link each of us, regardless of location, work assignment, language or customs.

To protect our legacy, we must be diligent guardians of our hard earned reputation so that MEKATRICE will always be a company we are proud to support. Our commitment to legal compliance must be unwavering and we should accept nothing less than unrelenting honesty and integrity in everything we do.


Mekatrice was registered under the Federal Republic of Nigeria Companies and Allies Matters Company Limited by Shares on the 12th February 2009.Traditionally, Mekatrice has specialized in the supply, installation and maintenance of;

  • Telecommunication systems
  • Mechanical Engineering Systems
  • Construction and building equipment
  • Hospital equipment
  • Power and renewable energy systems
  • Electrical Engineering Systems.
With the growth of GSM and other communications technology in Nigeria.

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